• Fast activity on the right PFC or hot temporal cause anxiety.

• Social anxiety: Irrational fear or hesitation to be in public or social situation. This appears as excessive anxiety or withdrawing from social situations.

• Anxiety attacks: Episodes of recurrent anxiety attacks.


• Depression affects every part and function of the human body. Depression leaves nothing untouched. Depression has no age barrier. Even children are affected. Depression is a great leveler.

• Depressive symptoms in their initial stages are very vague, non specific and become chronic. The symptoms range from chronic fatigue, sleep problems, body pains to diabetes, heart attack and everything in between.

• Loss of interest in activities that were of interest earlier, loss of appetite, feelings of worthlessness, Migraine & Headaches sad feelings are the hall mark of depression.

SLEEP disturbances

Sleep disturbances lead to irritability, depression and anxiety, fatigue and poor attention. Sleep disturbanc- es can be:

• Difficulty falling sleep: Inability to fall asleep easily or staying up awake very late.

• Waking up and not being able to sleep again.

• Restless sleep: Keep moving around in sleep.

• Interrupted sleep: Waking up multiple times during the night. They feel tired.

• Non restorative sleep: Heavy sleepers not feeling rested or mentally or restored. But they fall back to sleep quickly.


• Motivation problems improve with PFC training.


Any craving (ALCOHOL, SMOKING, DRUGS, FOOD) changes the way the brain works temporarily. Brain training teaches the brain to go back to its original state.

ADHD & Autism

• Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a problem of filtering external stimuli with mood swings, distractibility, excess movements and impulsivity.

• Poor communication, hyperactivity and repetitive behavior are the hallmarks respond well to brain stimulation and training.


Obsessive thoughts and compulsive behavior arise as a result of fear, anxiety and depression. OCD is the condition where hot cingulated is 'burnt out' to ashes due to heightened emotional activity. Brain training after correcting the emotional part improves the obsession. Medicines or psychotherapy do not impact the burnt out area while brain training effectively restores .

Negative emotions of fear, anger and frustration are products of excessive fast activity on the right and respond well to brain training.


Migraine type

The attacks are very frequent and the person suffers headaches on more than 14 days in a month for 3 consecutive months. The aches may be intermittent, throbbing, severe, crushing, knife like associated with nausea, avoiding bright lights and noises. One may have multiple episodes in a day or one continuous episode. Depressed mood, irritability, anxiety, dizziness may co exist. Avoiding trigger factors prevent the headache from appearing.

Cluster headache

A chronic form of headache often when stressed out. Between the attacks, there are no symptoms and the frequency varies.Typically unilateral, severe with red, watery swollen eyes, running nose, restlessness.

IBS ( Irritable Bowel syndrome)

Panic attacks: A problem of hot temporal lobes appearing as breathlessness, tightness in the chest and racing heart beats is the problem of alpha beta rhythms.

Bed Wetting: Bedwetters fall asleep easily, sleep too deeply and are hard to awaken. Their slow brains can be speeded up by brain training.

Burn out: Burn out is a stage when a person is beyond his ability to respond to stress anymore. PFC becomes extremely slow. The symptoms appear as chronic fatigue, pains or fibromyalgia.

Chronic fatigue is due to slow brain activity following chronic stress. They do not express anxiety or depres-sion but are happy to talk about the pain and fatigue.

Parkinson's disease

Uncontrolled thoughts are due to hot temporal and are slowed down with brain training.

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