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About Us

We specialize in treatments related to Brain & Mind. Experience a paradigm shift in your life.

Neuro Modulation

The Best Treatments are always Simple, Safe, Cost effective and Free from side effects.

Neuro Modulation fits them all.

Neuro Modulation is modifying the ways the brain and mind work. It is stimulating or inhibiting the brain directly.

Neuro Modulation improves brain's functions, inter neuronal communications.

Neuro Modulation does not cause structural changes but only functional changes.

Neuro Modulation is non invasive and a walk in procedure.

Neuro Modulation amplifies the brain's ability to heal itself.

Treat the cause; not the symptom

"Best treatment begins with the best diagnosis."

Neuro Modulation treats the cause and not the symptoms. If there is a fault where and what it is ?

Brain Mapping by QEEG locates the fault. An elaborate, extensive history and detailed examination substantiates the report. Best Treatment Course is charted out in the first long session lasting more than an hour.

The Brain Behind

Ultimate Brain stimulation Clinic, the First of its kind in Neuro Modulation is headed by Dr.SP.Murugappan, Senior Neuro Psychiatrist with over 40 active years of Experience with special interests in Neuro Biological Intervention, Neuro Feedback, Mindfulness, NLP and Mediation. Dr.Murugappan is Co author of the book, a DIY manual "The Royal Highway to Health and Fitness". The USP of the Clinic equipped with the widest range of Neuro Modulation methods is "Less is More". Just STIMULATE or give a FEEDBACK. Let the brain know "what it is doing when it is not doing anything" and learn to change.

The Clinic gives proficient directions and psychotherapy administrations for people and families in Chennai City.

Silkee Brain Clinic | Dr Murugappan - Senior Neuro Psychiatrist in Chennai

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