Transcutaneous Trigeminal nerve stimulation

Transcutaneous Trigeminal nerve stimulation tTNS

Effective as a treatment option and prevention of Migraine type of headache. FDA and CE approved for use in Migraine headache. TNS uses electro magnetic field principles to relieve migraine headaches. TNS is exceptionally safe.

Treatment and prevention of migraines

TNS is used for treatment of migraine headache with or without aura or prevention in those who get more than 3 attacks in a month. Acute treatment lasts 1 hour session and nearly 8 out of 10 patients are relieved of symptoms. 1 in 3 patients is totally relieved of pain.

TNS is exceptionally safe and free from side effects compared to current anti-migraine oral medication. It is the first line treatment for patients having frequent migraine attacks. TNS enables the use of medicines to be significantly reduced. Side effects if any are mild, self limiting and do not require any attention. The electro magnetic field created is a miniscule of that from a hair dryer. (1 in 5000 times less)

How does TNS work?

1. In acute mode (long session, HIFI) TNS produces a sedative effect on the nervous system and relieves the headache.

2. In prevention mode, restores normal brain wave activity and metabolism improving the pain threshold.

3. Modulation of the brain wave activity, improves neuro transmitters Nor Epinephrine and GABA required for cognition and mood change.

What are the other conditions where TNS is used?

The other conditions where TNS is used include


Generalised anxiety

Fibro Myalgia

Panic attacks

Substance abuse and addiction

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