Our Interventional Neuropsychiatric processes include either Brain stimulation or Brain Training. Brain and mind Restoration becomes fun.

Brain Stimulation

• Brain stimulation is activating or inhibiting the brain directly with electricity or magnetic waves.

• Brain Stimulation is a cutting edge technology approved by FDA and CE.

• Brain stimulation protocols are internationally standardized, safe and simple.

• The procedure does not produce unpleasant side effects.

• Brain stimulation is an alternative and adjuvant for drug treatment for mental health issues like anxiety, depression, sleeplessness.

Brain Training

Brain training is learning to switch over the brain's EEG activity consciously. Brain Training involves QEEG Neuro Feedback. Neuro Feedback is declared the best Self Regulation technology since Meditation. "Every behavior is a Brain activity pattern learnt by repetition". QEEG Training is a description of your brain activity. One learns to make the best out of it. The whole brain training is useful in any situation where the Brain - Mind is involved. The list is endless:

  •       Memory issues
  •       Motivation, Focus, Concentration
  •       Learning problems
  •       Emotional issue
  •       Health
  •       Sleep issues
  • Brain and Mind Conditions:
  •       Autism
  •       ADHD
  •       Depression
  •       OCD
  •       Anxiety
  •       Stress
  •       Addiction- Alcohol, smoking

You learn to train the brain, not the mind. Success is in getting the mind "out of the way".

Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback where brain waves produce a signal that is used as feedback.

Neurofeedback is used in medical conditions and non medical conditions also such as:

• Sleep disorders - Bed wetting, Disturbed sleep, Night mares, Sleeplessness.

• Negative Emotions - Anxiety, Fear, Stree etc.

What is QEEG?

QEEG is Quantitative Electro Encephalo Gram. It is obtained by sensors placed over the head noninvasively. The sensors report what goes on in the brain with your thinking, feeling and behaving. These activities are recorded as Brain wave patterns in QEEG. QEEG helps in mapping the Brain.

Brain Mapping reveals in detai the patterns all over the brain and indicates what has changed and the extent.

QEEG Neuro Feedback is NOT a treatment but a training.

The brain can be trained like any other part of the body.

Neuro Feedback does not teach you or tell what you should do.

When you feedback, you don't try or think about. NF lets your brain find the solution or what it feels right.

When you pay attention to what goes on, the brain changes itself.

Change how you think, feel, behave and perform, Neuro feedbacks is a Brain Gym.

Become what you want.


QEEG Neuro Feedback does away with long counselling sessions.

QEEG Neuro Feedback makes slow brains fast and fast brains slow.

Brain Maps measure the brain and reveal the strengths & weaknesses.

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